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Welcome to the Astro Generator website. We are here to provide you with a 100% Working Astro Generator please navigate to our FAQ if your are confused about anything.

Update: The AstroGenerator has a whole new interface much easier to use and navigate through. I will be posting a new video within 24 hrs. So be looking out on my YouTubeChannel

Update2: 10/30/13 I have reworked the AstroGenerator. For questions about it please enter my chat room below. My nami is "Arinze101"

Update3: The AstroGenerator now comes with the Carat Generator for FREE. For one week. This offer will end. 10/7/13

Update4: The AstroGenerator is updated as of 1/11/14. Enjoy the new AstroGenerator and Carat Generator. 

TEMPORARY OFFER: The AstroGenerator will Currently be FREE to EVERYONE since it is the holidays. This will only last until 1/15/2014. Enjoy the Holiday season!

Please read About Us, Faq, and Testimonials page before proceeding to the AstroGenerator. Thank You!

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